Certified credit card payment platform for telephone services

With us, you can up profits and those of Business clientele, Service Centers and Websites that collaborate with your organizzation.
We offer a unique, no-strings-attached collaboration in absolute transparency - complete and impeccable - for the self-commercialization of credit card payment services:

  1. Use your own brand
  2. Back Office integrate-able into your own Dashboard
  3. Automatic Accounting
  4. No relationship change with Service Centers and Business clientele
  5. Beneficial Economic Treatment

It is the certified PCI DSS instrument that allows the supply of additional telephone services paid by credit card. It is a complete and automated service that is in full compliance with the standards of security required by the international consortium of credit card emitting institutes and with complete respect for the privacy of its users. The platform insures a complete infastructure to companies that intend to offer and make use of this system of bill-less payment.

All telephone services, both Live and Recorded.


- Reception of incoming calls on a normal network number
- Personalized presentation message. The Operator is allerted with an announcement – for example: call with credit card payment.
- Offeres various sums of minutes to buy
- Credit card validation system, implemented by the user in complete privacy and security directly through the certified servers of Telecash
- Immediate redirection to effective services with the security that the payment transaction has occured; the transfer can be chosen also for operator termination identified by a code.
- Time-out mechanism
- Possibility for the user to consume the time bought in more than one phone call.
- Recognition of the incoming number (no need for PIN)
- Flexibility of the length and value of the call
- Private statistics in real time
- Advanced anti-fraud mechanisms
- Continuous assistance

- The user calls the GEOGRAPHIC NUMBER for the service
- The user is welcomed by an automated system (ivr) that guides him or her through the telephone purchase
- The user makes a secure transaction in total privacy, inserting the card data by telephone keypad (for extra security, we request the CVV code).
- After the OK for the transaction, for which the user always receives a vocal confermation, he or she is automatically put on the line to be able to use the desired service.
- In the case of a call from a cellular telephone, the user will receive an SMS with the transaction receipt.
- The user may use the credit in more than one call; the server recognizes the credit associated with the telephone number and puts the user in contact directly with the service without having to remember, write down or insert a PIN.

No. When the telephone number of the caller has residual credit, the user is connected directly with the telephone service.

Yes. The system sends a notice via SMS to mobile phones. For all callers, a voice receipt is available with the details of the transaction.

Yes. The service also includes the possibility to pay online.

Yes. For online payments, PayPal is an acceptable form of payment.

- The owner is assigned an esclusive geographic number
- The owner chooses the recharge amounts to offer
- The owner receives the calls preceded by an announcement that identifies them
- When the user is on the line, the owner is secure that payment has already occurred.
- The owner can easily create loyalty
- The owner has at its disposition a control Back Office that is updated in real time and automated accounting.
- The owner has at its disposition a efficient marketing tool
- The owner receives periodic payment by Direct Deposit
- The owner can integrate online acquisition and has at its disposal banners to direct users to online payment
- The owner can distribute and sell its services anywhere in the world through multilingual phonics and multicurrency payment

Yes. There is an active customer care number available for users and there are personalized customer care numbers available.

  1. Capture a group of users that tend to be against receiving a bill.
  2. The service is an important instrument for creating loyalty.
  3. The user has access to services only after having already paid for them..
  4. Provides for consistent income for single users.
  5. Produces optimal reverse without distinction for the various sources of the calls.
  6. Allows freedom to choose the length and value of the calls.
  7. Offers private statistics in realtime through telephone and internet.
  8. The service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  9. Receive professional, continuous technical assistance.

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